What’s The Best Hunting Rangefinder?

A great searching rangefinder could imply the distinction in between your next large trophy– or going residence empty handed!

To stay clear of obtaining stuck out in the timbers with a dud, it is essential to do the research study before you make a purchase. Rangefinders all perform the exact same task– calculating the distance between the customer and also an item in the viewfinder– different models differ in their accuracy, functions, and also capabilities.

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We looked at a few of the most popular versions amongst hunters today, looking for the models that supply best in the areas that count. We scoured blogs, review sites, and also online merchant scores to determine which designs as well as brand names function best in real applications. In the long run, we’ve come up with a few excellent versions to suggest to you! We’re confident they’re the top alternatives on the marketplace, and our in-depth evaluations will show you why!

This Leupold RX-1200i is the successor to the massively popular Leupold 112179 RX-1000I TBR. The RX-1000I was a phenomenally great rangefinder in its very own right, and also this new model adds some additional array as well as a few wise style tweaks. The Leupold is compact, specific, and solidly-made. It’s our top suggestion for the average hunter.


There are few models below a thousand dollars that could compete with the Leupold RX-1200i in regards to accuracy (the Sig Sauer is an exemption!). Expert testers, as well as reviewers, are pretty much consentaneous in saying that the Leupold’s precise analyses were supplied quicker compared to any other design they had ever before made use of. It’s rated bent on 1250 backyards (and also 1000ish for deer).

Certainly, some eyepieces fare well in the lab, but not so much in the timbers. That’s not the instance with the Leupold! It is just one of the best on the market when it pertains to usefulness and also real-world capability. It’s very easy to utilize, has a bright, understandable display, and also supplies superb presence and exact analyses in virtually any condition.

We cannot claim enough concerning this version’s crystal clear optics, including the interior LED screen. The interior readings can be changed for light degree at different times of day, so this system could be made use of from dawn till golden. It functions extremely well and also provides you exceptional presence.

It has a 6X zoom, so you could see clearly out to the limitations of the system’s ranging abilities. With fully-multicoated lenses, the 1200 opponents a lot of scopes for its clear, bright photo transmission.

This’s a great choice for people who like worth, because it has lots of functions built in:

You’ll have three different reticles to choose from: Plus Factor, Duplex, and Duplex with Plus Factor.

Fast-focus eyepieces produce easy, accurate field modifications.

The Check setting keeps targets secured and offers you real-time range updates without you having to adjust on the fly.

In addition to the highly valuable True Ballistic Range calculator, the RX-1000I additionally comes with an inclinometer, which can change analyses to make up inclines. This feature offers you the angle of your shot, and after that provides you a readout to assist you to readjust for your range without needing to do any uncertainty. This model additionally allows you pick in between the TBR and also normal LOS (line of sight) modes, so you can choose which one works finest for every shot.

In terms of accuracy, this’s excellent to 1/10th of a lawn. Only the costlier Leica Rangemaster and Sig Sauer can take on that!

The develop is the high quality that customers have actually involved get out of Leupold, as well as it’s uncommon to see one with so many features in such a portable plan. This thing is seriously strong and also can endure a healthy quantity of abuse as well as harsh weather on a searching trip– consisting of a loss from a tree stand. Testers have actually dropped it a lot of times, occasionally from as high as 20 feet, as well as the gadget had endured with no noticeable damages.

Most likely the most enticing and also one-of-a-kind function, nonetheless, is real Ballistic Range calculator of the Leupold (hence the TBR component of the name).

The TBR feature permits individuals to make up for the ballistics and also trajectory for loads of various rifle cartridges based upon 7 pre-loaded groups. This most recent version adds two brand-new ballistic team absolutely nos at 200 as well as 300 backyards.

This function also collaborates with bows for roughly 124 backyards.

The OLED display screen and also lithium-ion battery last for rather a long time in the field, so runtime isn’t really a trouble in the smallest. The screen is colored for visibility, as well as we’ve located that it’s extremely understandable in all conditions.

Even though it’s small as well as lightweight, the construction of this device is tough sufficient to take care of any rough setting. It also features a bring case that you can connect to your belt.


This high-performance alternative isn’t one of the most costly version on the marketplace today, yet there are several others sold at half the price. For significant hunters, the RX-1200i is well worth the cash, but unskilled or periodic hunters could want not intend to dedicate to the investment.

Similarly, this is a genuine seeker’s tool. It’s loaded with lots of attributes, as well as if you’re not an enthusiastic, routine hunter, you could never reach all of them. They’ll still drive up the price, however, as well as make the understanding contour a little bit steeper. So if you are trying to find a simple, economical model, or this is your very first rangefinder purchase, you could want to think about a few of the extra disrobed, less costly alternatives.

The Sig Sauer listed below may not have all the Leupold’s attributes, however it does have a higher variety and also snappier refresh price. If you’re much more concerned about power compared to rewards, go for that!

It could take a while to get a feel for the display screen as well as codes. There aren’t really any kind of complete words on the display, so you have to discover the Leupold shorthand for everything. We think it’s simple sufficient to adjust, however some people might desire something with less of a knowing contour in advance.

The Leupold RX-650 is the very best selection for any individual who gets on a budget and who does not shoot at long arrays. It’s got by much the quickest variety of our choices, but it’s still sufficient for lots of individuals. As long as you do not search more than 500 backyards out, we do not think you’ll have anything to complain about!

Leupold’s RX-1200i is our suggestion to the typical seeker. It gives you about twice as much ranging ability as the RX-650, without costing a fortune. This is as much as the majority of people require in a rangefinder. Still, if you enjoy the lengthiest ranges, you must spend more for the Sig Sauer.

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 is our utmost recommendation to the ardent marksman that hunts at long distances. It’s excessive for lots of individuals, however if you understand you’ll make use of its power, worth it.